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Add new dimensions to your skills, make your career more meaningful, take more pride in your work and broaden your opportunities as you fulfill your aspirations.


Master critical in-demand professional skills, demonstrate competencies, build credibility and distinguish yourself as an asset to move ahead or enter new areas of practice.


Stay ahead of the curve by earning certificates in new, high-growth areas where your profession is heading—including cybersecurity, blockchain, data analytics, personal financial planning and more.

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Spotlight your accomplishments

Learn, earn and display a digital badge—a graphical representation of your knowledge and skills.

Validate your experience. Let prospects, clients and employers quickly verify your proficiencies.

Power your communications. Display your badge in proposals, social media, emails and profiles. Share it via a unique URL.

Verify your commitment to quality. AICPA is known for quality instruction, based on industry best practices.

According to a recent LinkedIn study, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.


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Earn your certificates from the most influential body for finance and accounting professionals in the world. Our competency-based programs are developed by leading subject matter experts, proven in their fields. Learn at your own pace and your preferred style—via webcasts, on-site or self-study—for an engaging and effective experience.

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Why choose AICPA certificate programs?

Our mission is to enable and empower a dynamic accounting profession, ready to meet the demands of a constantly changing, disruptive world. We accomplish this through:

  • 130 years of experience as a trusted learning partner
  • Serving more than 650,000 accounting and finance professionals in 179 countries
  • Global research and thought leadership
  • Strategic partnerships and a robust network of financial leaders
  • Providing the tools, resources and knowledge to lessen complexity and risk and create opportunities

Employers: Empower your business

AICPA certificate programs help you attract and retain talent, capitalize on emerging trends and demonstrate proficiency to your potential clients and partners.

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We drive a dynamic accounting profession that works every day to build trust, create opportunity and grow prosperity worldwide.

We are the most influential body of professional accountants in the world.

Our mission is to drive a dynamic accounting profession ready to meet the demands of a constantly changing, disruptive world. We serve 650,000 CPAs, CGMAs and students in 179 countries — providing the tools, resources and intelligence they need to clarify complexity, anticipate risk and create opportunity.

We are their voice, protecting the public interest and powering trust, opportunity and prosperity worldwide.

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