About the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate Program

As users of financial information increasingly rely on structured financial data, it is important that the eXtensible Business Reporting Language or XBRL financial statements are prepared accurately and consistently. Many errors found in current XBRL filings result from misunderstanding the SEC tagging rules or how to use the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy.

This certificate program from the AICPA and XBRL US provides the XBRL proficiency you need to quickly and efficiently create high-quality XBRL financials.


Ensure you have a solid understanding of XBRL. This certificate is specially designed to help finance and accounting professionals build the knowledge needed for the creation and review of XBRL financial statements using the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy.


The knowledge and skills covered are necessary for those who are responsible for financial reporting regardless of whether the XBRL tagging process is performed within a company or outsourced to a service provider.


Upon successful completion of the 10 Fundamental, three Statement and 13 Footnote Tagging courses in the curriculum, you will earn 35 CPE credits and a Certificate of Educational Achievement.

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