About the COSO Internal Control Certificate Program

The COSO Internal Control Certificate Program offers you a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing and monitoring a system of internal control.

Based on COSO’s 2013 Internal Control — Integrated Framework, obtaining this certificate will help your company gain operational efficiencies, deter fraud, make better business decisions and positively influence better risk management practices.

The 2019 COSO IC Certificate includes new application scenarios related to cybersecurity data reliability, technology and control. All other existing examples and application scenarios were reviewed and refreshed with updated avatars, audio and design.

Real-world scenarios allow you to:

  • Recognize ways to identify, analyze and respond to risks in your business
  • Gain operational efficiencies and improve business decisions
  • Build confidence in your system of internal control
  • Learn from experts and share your experiences with your peers
  • Develop your internal control skills and stand out from the crowd

This program allows you to apply the Framework and context of your own organization directly to your assignments, giving you unique learning experience, you can apply directly to your organization.

Who will benefit?

  • You are an accounting and financial professional who work in internal controls and would like to develop expertise on the latest framework.
  • You are a CFO’s, Finance directors, Firm partners, Non-Financial, Non-Accounting -Directors, Managers, Staff and others with duties critical to the system of internal control in business or government

Learning Formats

Choose to earn the COSO Internal Control Certificate in the format that best meets your professional development needs.

Group Training Options

If you are interested in having a group participate in the COSO Internal Control Certificate Program (either the workshop or self-study option):

  • We offer group discounts.
  • We can also assist you in organizing a private COSO Internal Control Certificate Program for your firm.

For a representative to provide you with additional information, please fill out the brief form linked below. Or contact us at 1 (800)-634-6780 or email aicpalearning@aicpa.org.