About the U.S. International Tax Certificate Program

Research of the profession suggests the tax landscape for business is changing, and the pace of change is faster than ever. The changes being discussed are wide-ranging and will have a major impact on the way multinational organizations carry out their business activities. Additionally, international tax is very complex and as it becomes easier for companies to globalize, the need for learning in this area is imperative.

The U.S. International Tax Certificate Program provides Accounting and Finance professionals the competencies needed to navigate the international tax environment.

Who will benefit

  • CPAs or consultants serving U.S.-based multinational companies.
  • Accounting & finance staff, including CPAs, in business & industry seeking to understand international tax concepts to make more informed business decisions.
  • Public accounting firms with clients who are global or planning on becoming global seeking to understand the complex and dynamic international tax environment.

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U.S. International Tax Certificate

Digital Badges

Upon completion of each bundle within the U.S International Tax Certificate Program, you will be awarded a digital badge.

A digital badge will help you gain recognition of your achievement, providing you with enhanced credibility and visually declares your commitment to quality. The digital badge also allows prospective clients and employers to quickly verify your competencies and skills.

According to a recent LinkedIn study, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.

Digital Badge Sample

Group Training

Investments in learning can help your organization attract and retain talent, capitalize on emerging trends and demonstrate proficiency to your potential clients and partners. To register multiple employees or inquire about customized group learning plans, please complete our form.