Case Studies: Real Stories Of Real Success

Case Study for NFPs
Meet Cheryl. After years of experience as a large- firm auditor, she changed her career trajectory by joining a nonprofit. That meant expanding her skill set with the AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificates. The result? She stays current on all aspects of NFP accounting. She advises fellow NFPs on financial matters. And that’s just the beginning.

Read Cheryl’s case study to learn how the certificates added value to her organization.

Case Study for Firms
Meet Frank. As part of his own continuing education, Frank participated in the AICPA NFP Certificate Program, which covers the unique and fast-changing financial needs of NFP entities. Here, he shares his thoughts on the benefits of the program and the role professional development takes in a life-long learning path.

Read Frank’s case study to learn how the certificates enhanced his firm’s NFP practice.


Amanda Keiffer,
I am currently in the middle of the certificate and am so glad I began. A lover of learning, I find myself building on my existing knowledge of non-profit accounting management. This certification will set me apart from my peers. I look forward to finishing the program and obtaining the certificate.
Michael Winward,
Square & Company, PC
As a CPA in public practice emphasizing in serving nonprofit clients, I consider this certificate to be a differentiator in the marketplace. I have found the courses to be informative and relevant.
James Pflasterer,
The material is thorough and in depth…. The materials are an enjoyable mix of audio, text, and interactive pieces that hold your interest. The tests at the end of each module cement the learning. Nicely done!
Bryant Richardson,
Annunciation Orthodox School
The NFP Certificate Program has proven to be the most relevant CPE I've had in all my years of taking Continuing Professional Education. It was pertinent to my area of work and provided me with knowledge that I did not have.
Nick Hamner,
Advance, NC
I did not take the traditional path through public accounting to arrive at a career in finance and I needed concentrated courses in not for profit accounting. After completing the NFP Certificate I, I wanted to obtain the additional technical knowledge offered in Certificate II. Each segment was challenging and relevant to my work as a finance director at a not for profit with a $3.5m budget. The courses provided links and references for in depth research, checklists, templates, etc. I experienced some difficulty (possibly with my browser) when working on the case studies, but was able to navigate around the problems. I'm looking forward to NFP Certificate III.
Paul Hilger I'm new to nonprofits after having spent my entire career on the for-profit side. This course strikes a good balance between providing an introduction but also a decent depth of coverage.
Gordon Craig,
The learning is what's important. As the profession changes and client needs evolve, we need up to date knowledge to remain relevant. A certificate shows we have it.
Cindy Cerbone,
District Manager
Every day is an opportunity to learn and to use new knowledge to help others. By earning a professional development certificate, one has this chance to not only better themselves, but help their clients, co-workers and those around them.
Marlene Kanipe,
Assistant Controller
I think it's important to earn a professional development certificate because it shows my commitment and dedication to excel and wanting to advance in my field. As a leader in my office, earning a certificate shows my team that learning is important and one is never to old to learn.
Ashley Willcox,
Accounting Manager
The AICPA certificates are a great opportunity to dive deeper into the details of a specific topic, as well as get a well-rounded exposure. Even if you’re experienced in the subject matter, the range of the certificate’s topics allow you to learn about things you don’t deal with regularly.
Victoria Tiutyama,
For me earning professional development certificate is important because I feel like it takes me to a new level not just in my knowledge but also my personal development. It also adds another level of trust for my clients and colleagues.
Celeste Knapper,
I love the opportunity to learn more about my field as I am passionate about the work my non-profit does. Completing the certificate programs makes me more successful in my job and in turn makes my organization more successful.