About the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program

The Personal Financial Planning Certificate Programs are a series of certificates covering the core areas of PFP, including retirement, estate, risk management/insurance and investment planning, as well as practical application of knowledge. Tax planning and how it relates to each area is incorporated throughout each certificate.

Four of these certificate programs, retirement, investment, estate planning and risk management/insurance planning, is a combination of education and exam that provides the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and demonstrate your competence in that specific core discipline.

The fifth certificate, Practical Applications, requires only education and does not require an exam.

Who will benefit?

  • You would like to demonstrate knowledge in one or more core areas of PFP by displaying a digital badge awarded upon completion of the certificate program.
  • You would like to earn CPE credit, simply purchase the education, without the certificate exam and earn CPE credit for your CPA license, PFS credential, and/or CFP® credential.
  • You are an active CPA who wants to obtain the PFS credential, the certificate program provides an alternative pathway for meeting the exam and education requirements.


Digital Badges

A digital badge helps you gain recognition for earning your certificate by allowing you to easily display and share your achievement. Prospective clients and employers will be able to quickly verify your competencies and skills. The digital badge also provides greater credibility and visually declares your commitment to quality. According to a recent LinkedIn study, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.

Digital Badge Sample

Group Training

Investments in learning can help your organization attract and retain talent, capitalize on emerging trends and demonstrate proficiency to your potential clients and partners. To register multiple employees or inquire about customized group learning plans, please complete our form.

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