XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate Program: FAQs


Yes. The courses that comprise the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate Program curriculum are available for CPAs, CAs, and other finance and accounting professionals who do not have one of these credentials or their equivalent.

All individuals pursuing the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate of Educational Achievement should possess a base knowledge of U.S. GAAP financial reporting.

Yes, all courses in the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate program will qualify for CPE credit. The Association is a NASBA-approved CPE provider.

Completing the curriculum will result in earning approximately 35 CPE credits, which count toward meeting your state's CPE requirements.

The courses in the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate program will be classified as Accounting for purposes of granting CPE credits. As with other Association courses that are approved for other certifications, we fully expect the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate courses will satisfy those requirements. To be certain, please check with the organization that issues your CMA, CIA or other certifications.

Actual completion of the courses is required to earn the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate. CPE credit is being awarded for the courses, and the CPE standards do not allow for "testing out of" a course as a way to earn credit.

Please review the information on the System Requirements tab for this product for complete information on minimum operating system and browser requirements.

Course Content

An online training program, specially designed to help finance and accounting professionals build the knowledge needed for the creation and review of XBRL financial statements using the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy. All companies that file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are required to submit XBRL Exhibits along with their filings using the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy. This program has been developed jointly by XBRL U.S. and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (Association).

The program includes 26 required courses: 10 Fundamental courses, 3 Statement courses, and 13 Footnote Tagging-Specific courses (which provide tagging examples for an array of different footnote disclosures). The 3 Optional Footnote Tagging courses are not be required to earn the certificate since they apply to special topic areas that may not be relevant to all XBRL practitioners. In total, the program will provide approximately 35 CPE hours. All courses are approximately 50-minutes long and provide individual CPE credit upon successful completion of the end-of-course exam. Some courses may be longer than 50 minutes, as required by the depth or complexity of the content, with a maximum length of 2 hours.


The cost to complete the entire program depends on whether you are a member of the Association or XBRL U.S. or a non-member. All fees are payable upon registration. XBRL US members who are not members of the Association should contact XBRL US for the discount promotion code to use when purchasing the course.

Association/XBRL U.S. member: $1,495 USD
Non-member: $1,895 USD

Yes. The 3 Statement and 13 Footnote Tagging courses may be purchased individually. However, courses within the Fundamental bundle are not eligible for individual purchase. Those who take only selected courses, instead of the entire program, will not be eligible for the Certificate.

Yes. You can call our Member Service team at 1-888-777-7077 and they will help you complete your order for the remaining modules so that you don't pay more than the overall program price.


This varies from individual to individual and is completely dependent upon the time the participant allocates to completing the coursework. A commitment of approximately 38 hours will be required for most individuals to successfully complete the program.

Once you enter the program you have twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase. You are encouraged to complete the program within a twelve (12) month period or less.

No. The XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate is not a professional credential or license. It is evidence of successful completion of a required course curriculum as of a point in time. As a result, it has no period for which it is deemed "active" or in-force.

No. The XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate is not a professional credential or license. It is evidence of successful completion of a required course curriculum as of a point in time. As a result, it has no period for which it is deemed "active" or in-force.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the program; however, program fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis and, if there are courses where the exam has been completed and CPE credit has been granted, the full retail value for the course(s) will be deducted from the refund amount.

The program is designed for maximum efficiency for the learner. The courses are available in e-learning, allowing the individual to schedule training at their convenience. And, while the recommended time for completion is twelve months, the maximum time for completion is two years. These features should make it easy for an individual to complete the program.


The program will provide participants with a solid understanding of how to work with the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy for SEC reporting including tagging financials, detailed footnotes, validation, extensions, managing release versions and best practices. This knowledge and these skills are necessary for those responsible for financial reporting regardless of whether the XBRL tagging process is performed within a company or outsourced to a service provider.

Yes. The courses are offered individually, so you will earn CPE credit for each course you take once you successfully complete the end-of-course exam. You are not required to complete the entire program to earn CPE credit. However, you must successfully complete the exam for all required courses in the entire program in order to receive the XBRL U.S. GAAP Certificate of Educational Achievement.

The Certificate of Educational Achievement will be emailed to you with 10 business days of completing the required courses and successfully passing each end-of-course exam.