About the Cybersecurity Practical Applications Certificate Program

Get equipped to implement a sound cybersecurity risk management program by learning how to apply good cyber hygiene at both organizational and personal levels. With this course, you’ll go through case studies from several real-life situations that will help you mitigate loss by knowing how to prevent cyberattacks and what actions you should take to respond when (not if) they occur. Learn how to:

  • Determine how to prevent and respond to common cyber threats
  • Identify tools and processes for good cyber hygiene
  • Identify cybersecurity best practices
  • Identify the key elements of a cybersecurity risk management program (CRMP).

You have the flexibility to earn the certificate using a format that best matches your learning style. Select one of the options below to learn more.

Live Event

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Online Self-Study

Webcast Series

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CPAs Helping to Fight Against Cyberattacks