About the Data Analytics Certificate Programs

As organizations become more tech-driven and collect an increasing amount of data, data analysis skills are going to play an increasingly important role in business, making the role of a Data Analyst one of the most important positions in any business structure. Data Analysts help leaders make informed, data-driven decisions to drive the company forward, improve efficiency, increase profits, and achieve organizational goals.

Data analysis skills are in high-demand making it critical for accounting and finance professionals to keep up with this evolving need. So, we developed the Data Analyst Certificate - a comprehensive 5-part certificate program that provides training and practical guidance on data analytics. Participants that complete this training program will make an invaluable contribution to their organization and career.

The Data Analyst Certificates

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61 CPE credits
Plus five digital badges when you complete all five certificates.

The Data Analyst Certificates Bundle includes five sequential certificate programs:

Part 1 – Data Analytics Core Concepts Certificate

  • Define the characteristics of an analytical and data-driven mindset.
  • Recognize how to establish objectives and desired outcomes of a data analytics project.
  • Recognize ways data is described and interpreted.

Part 2 - Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

  • Determine and classify variables.
  • Calculate central tendency.
  • Calculate measurement and variability.

Part 3 - Data Analytics Modeling Certificate

  • Identify opportunities, processes, and necessary data for solving analytical problems.
  • Apply data profiling techniques to available data.
  • Apply data cleansing techniques.

Part 4 - Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Certificate

  • Identify the different techniques of predictive analytics: regression, classification, clustering, optimization and simulation.
  • Calculate varying types of regressions using R and Excel.
  • Apply classification and clustering algorithms.

Part 5 - Data Visualization Certificate

  • Formulate a data story with visualizations
  • Identify key stake holder perspectivesv
  • Determine organizational data needs

Bonus simulated learning labs with step-by-step guidance expose you to the tools needed to implement an analytics practice and equip you to deploy those tools. Labs are included with all the certificates except the Data Analytics Core Concepts Certificate.

Who will benefit:

Accounting and finance professionals of any size organization, from any industry interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organization make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Group Training

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