AICPA Certificates Wall of Fame: Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones

Managing Partner, Marshall, Jones & Co.
Beaverton, OR
Blockchain Certificate Program


Motivation to take the AICPA program

Our firm tries to stay on top of all emerging technologies. Many knowledgeable technology experts predict that Blockchain may well be the most disruptive, transformative technology since the industrial revolution. Some are even predicting it might eventually replace the Internet.

Value of the program

It reinforced that Blockchain is here to stay, it has applications in all industries, and that it has very little to do with currencies like Bitcoin, which was the original application.

Reason for completing the program

I wanted to take advantage of the only rigorous training that seems to be available on Blockchain, and to have the AICPA endorsement is valuable. I have already presented the topic of Blockchain to a large business group and have had several discussions with those who have seen the certificate in the signature area of my emails.

Personal accomplishment

I feel great about completing the program. It was a tremendous opportunity.

Recommending the AICPA program

This and the other AICPA certificates not only enhance a CPA’s expertise, they are also very useful in letting clients and other parties know that we are constantly adding to our skill sets.