AICPA Certificates Wall of Fame: Sieglinde Irlbacher

Sieglinde Irlbacher, CA, CPA, CGMA

Round Rock, TX
Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate


What motivated you to obtain this certificate/reason for completing? As a finance and accounting professional I think it’s important to be comfortable operating in an increasingly tech-driven business world. The wealth of information and data available within organizations and internet sources has created significant opportunities which can be leveraged with data analytic tools to benefit an organization.

Would you recommend this certificate and why? Absolutely! This certificate program - step one of a series - seemed like a great way to delve deeper and add to my skill set.

How does it feel to have this certificate? I like the digital badge - it’s a great way to showcase my commitment to learning and the fact that I completed a learning program sponsored by a reputable organization like AICPA.

What plans do you have for taking other AICPA certificates? I intend to complete the next step in the Data Analytics Certificate Bundle as well as the Cybersecurity Certificate in the coming months.

What challenges/barriers do you face continuing your professional development and did the AICPA help you overcome those challenges? I completed this certificate via the self-study format. Each module consisted of a video which is very convenient since you can pause it or go back over specific topics as needed. I really appreciated being able to complete the modules according to my own schedule.

What was the most valuable learn? The biggest takeaway for me was learning about the most common data management and analysis tools currently in use and how they are differentiated from each other. The video demonstrations of the tools were engaging, informative and helped reinforce the lecture content.

What is your ideal way to spend a weekend? Chillaxing and enjoying time with my family or friends and getting outdoors to walk my dog, run or otherwise change up the scenery!

What are some small things that make your day better? It really is the little things that count: friendly people, feeling prepared for the day ahead, random acts of kindness....